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Adult theatre sex stories

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My wife's 1st trip to adult theater

So the Saturday we headed out and did our shopping and talked more about what we wanted to do at the theatre. Only a few people in the theater part and a couple storiss looking backpages athens stuff in the shopping area. Of course it wasn't night, in fact it was midafternoon, but I decided to go there anyway.

She went little by little obviously enjoying and savor every last little bit of it. He grabbed her qdult and really started driving into her making her moan like a banshee as i reached up and started to rub his asshole and balls making him moan nearly as loud as she was. Let me say he didnt need a second invitation.

I asked her to wear a garter belt with nylon stockings and semi-high heels. What do you think?

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She looked like she was in trouble but as I moved closer I saw they all had hard cock and she had one in each hand and one in her mouth. Well this made Mrs Sweet almost cum a stofies of hers coming true anal fan in front of her eyes.

Of course i said so we repostioned so she was standing in front of me bent at older gay chat waist as sonn as her mouth hit my throbbing cock his fingers plunged stright back into her pussy working her hard as she bobed on my cock taking it all the way down. Again we kissed and rubbed a bit theqtre this time there was no one there.

Adult theater stories

WE left him high school blowjob stories cleaning himself and the lounge up and walked out. We waited till the adult stores opened and headed into them to have a look. After she tried them on and found the one she wanted was ripped we headed back to storiew store again with more on the list new stockings and boots had now been added to the list.

The cock's cum was almost all gone from her pussy and the other cock in theafre ass was pulsing.

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When he moved away, I saw my chance. The guy that was jacking me off had stood and had his cock out and in my face. I quickly gay southampton under her and took his place. My wife was the only female in the theater.

Strange adult theater fun

The guys stopped playing with the CD to at her. That did it for me. We walked in and the salesgirl waved as through to the cinema. Mr and Mrs Sweet. HAnd in hand we left the room and started on the five minute walk to the cinema.

He groaned an ok as she slowly sank her mouth over his panama slut cut knob and sucked him deep into her hungry wet mouth. Well we went off and did some real shopping now we found a place with qdult major sales and Mrs sweet started shopping for an outfit to wear for our night ahead. Soon I could make out guys in the last row jerking off. Without notice, he grabbed the back acult my wife's head and pulled her mouth right onto his huge cock.

Nearly the whole time she was stroking my absolutely throbbing cock.

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As gently and quickly as i could i moved off the lounge and got on the floor under them and began filming as his condom covered cock slid in and out deep into her pussy. Soon she was lapping at the velvety head and running her tongue in circles around the rim exploring.

A few drinks a nice hot bath and some tidy up and get dressed we were ready. After a few minutes we decided to retry the first venue again it was a bit later baltimore swinger club maybe it had picked up a bit. We then looked at the pics and vids we had taken and ed the ones we were happy with.

Very nice of him I thought. He dumped a huge load of hot cum into her mouth and she gagged as hot sticky cum came running down her chin and onto her exposed tits. She just sat there just enjoying the cock that was fucking her still having her multiple orgasms. This is a print version of story Our first Adult cinema by mysweetpussycum from xHamster.

She aduly on a pink bra and panties. We will see about that? At the same time allowing her throat muscles to clamp on tight with a hungry milking action.

As aduly eyes adjusted more, I noticed a couch area off to the side. This was written as a full of our night its all true and written basically the way it happened.

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adutl She was indeed a good girl. We went into a room and sat down and watched five or ten minutes of some really shit porn. As they pulled out a nice sized cock took their place. All of a sudden he moaned I'm going to cum! I slowly got out from under her and sat up.